Your assets will be sadly spent, your houses happily settled by others, and your grieving spouses will remarry

mr. sci. Admir Mujkic
2 min readJan 10, 2024

Today I have spent the day with a person who I respect very much — my professional mentor being approximately 35 years older than me. And then, recollecting on numerous stories that we shared, I figured out how important it is for every person to succeed in work and family life equally much.

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But today, my mentor stays alone with his millions and silence, with a wealth of experience and money. And this makes think, career success brings much more than simply money. It brings the sensation of self-achievement, self-respect, yet it raises the question what do we lose for professional acknowledgement.

On the other hand, success in the family life provides us with a basis for our emotional health. It then becomes the psychological refuge for us — a source of love and support.

Success in maintaining healthy family relationships therefore presupposes servicing the feelings of love, understanding, and the spirit of unity which form the grounds of the emotional balance.

It’s also important to remember that everything in this world is temporary. In the end, no matter how hard we struggle, our property will be consumed, our houses will be inhabited by others, and our children will end up where they were supposed to.

This temporary nature of life emphasizes the importance not only of chasing material or family success, but also of balancing between these aspects.

True success doesn’t lie in professional achievements or in maintaining a perfect family, but in the art of balancing between these areas.

This balance enables individuals to reach their fullest potential and live with purpose.

My mentor with all his success leaves me puzzled, can we have both and how do we balance that in a world whereby everything is passing.



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