Understanding Two Journeys

mr. sci. Admir Mujkic
2 min readFeb 7, 2024

Every person starts their journey in a specific era, one that feels intuitively close and understandable to them. This formative time shapes our values, ways of communication, and how we connect with others. In this context, the relationship between a mother and her son stands out as a deeply emotional bond, intertwined with complex experiences and perceptions.

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The mother, echoing the past, carries with her a depth and perspective that may seem to belong to another world, different from the one in which her son is now growing up. Her wisdom, rooted in past experiences, has built a bridge between generations, a bridge that sometimes appears fragile due to the rapid changes shaping a new reality.

The son, on the other hand, grows amidst the turbulent waves of the present, in a world changing at an incredible pace. This dynamic context can create moments of misunderstanding between him and his mother, creating a sense of distance despite the closeness they once shared.

Despite these generational differences, the strength of the bond between mother and son remains unchanged, founded on love that transcends all barriers. This love, unconditional and enduring, forms the foundation on which the son builds his identity and dreams.

However, with time comes the realization of the transience of this special bond. When the day comes that the mother is no longer there, the son will feel a profound loss, as if a part of himself has disappeared. The loss of a mother’s love is not just a physical separation; it is the loss of a part of his being, a change that alters his essence.

This realization brings a powerful message about the importance of making the most of every moment shared.

If we still have the opportunity to share our life with our mother, shouldn’t we act with urgency, cherishing every chance for togetherness before everything turns into just a memory?

Shouldn’t we act before we are overtaken by regret for missed moments, leaving us to wonder: Did we spend enough time with those who shaped us, loved us, and supported us through everything?



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