The Hidden Complexities in Software Development

mr. sci. Admir Mujkic
2 min readDec 10, 2023

Software development and management might look easy from the outside, but there’s a lot more to it. This article explores why these fields are more complicated than they seem.

Software development and management might look easy from the outside (generated by DALL-E)

Understanding Programming and Management

People often think programming or managing is easy if they haven’t done it themselves. Programmers might not see all that goes into management, and managers might not realize how complex programming is. It’s important to know that both jobs have their own challenges.

A long time ago, people like Grace Hopper tried to make programming easier to understand. They thought this might mean we wouldn’t need expert programmers anymore. But actually, it just made new kinds of programming jobs. This shows that even when we try to make programming simpler, it can still be pretty complex.

Understanding Programming and Management (generated by DALL-E)

Can We Remove Programming from Development?

Some people think we can make software without needing to code. But really, coding is a big part of making software. It involves a lot of thinking and problem-solving that you can’t just remove.

In a big project, there are lots of things going on that not everyone sees or works on. Because of this, some people might think these things happen easily or automatically, like magic. But when problems pop up, everyone realizes these tasks weren’t so simple after all.

It’s tough to know everything about a big project, but it’s good to understand that every part of it is important and can be complex. Knowing a bit about these other parts, or at least respecting the work, can help keep projects running smoothly.

For the end

Software development isn’t as straightforward as it might look. It’s a field full of challenges and requires a deep understanding of many different things. When we see the hard work and thought that go into it, we can better handle problems and keep projects on track.




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