Are you scared that ChatGPT will take your job?

Admir Mujkic
3 min readDec 28, 2022


I was inspired to write this article by reading Can an AI be a data scientist?by Salvatore Raieli. The question is whether new AI technologies could take my job?

Trust, by verify!

You might have heard that AI is coming to take your job from the news, a friend, or your life coach. People all over the world are worried because they know someone who lost their job because of technology. I would say that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Instead, you should check the facts that history has to say.

You may have lost a job because your boss decided to use a machine to do the work of hundreds of people. Since the industrial age, technology has been taking jobs away from people, and I believe it’s only going to get worse as the world makes smarter machines and robots.

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Fear will not stop technology from taking your job, but swift adaptation and skill acquisition will ensure your marketability.

But there’s another side that most people don’t see or even think about: technology doesn’t just make jobs obsolete; it also creates new industries with new jobs. How?


In retrospective, the event is fascinating. People could lose their jobs because of machines, which would be a short-term problem from my standpoint. Still, history shows over and over that more jobs are created after a few years to replace those lost.

What does history have to say?

This happens when a company buys a new machine that can do the work of half its employees and do it well at half the cost. As a result, the other half will be unemployed. The business owner makes a lot of money because he can make more things for less.

Domino effect

The business owner gets ahead of his competitors, who keep doing things the same way. But that will only last for a while because they will soon start doing it too. When everyone does it, the machine’s cost goes down, the company that created it hires more people to make more machines, and most importantly, the machine’s price drops.

Soon, the business owners would only be able to make a little money because of the competition, and consumers could buy goods and services for less. This is how the whole cycle looks. After a new technology comes out in the first few years, it makes sense that some people will lose their jobs. However, these same people can change themselves to have the skills that the market needs.


As a software engineer with almost 15 years of experience, I can be sure of one thing: Constantly learning, you will get more confidence and ensure your marketability and making your life happy!

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